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Let's NEST Girls! | Galentine's Day Weekend Brunch

FRIENDSHIP is the first love that we nurture.

There are so many times we say, we're going to grab lunch, or we should catch up. To be honest, by the time I set something in my schedule, one of my girls - if not me, has to cancel. It's life! Thank goodness we have Facetime/Duo and countless other ways to nurture our friendships as we navigate through. I wanted to do something this holiday for my sisters and my besties, but what? Hosting was out of the question. IDK who is on what program or fad this week and where am I going to have it? Not at home. Mama needs a some just ME time - OKAY?!


I love working at Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort. There is ALWAYS something going on and interesting people to meet. When I walk on the property, I always cut through NEST before I make my way to the hotel. It may be to see what new dessert Sam's Sweets is testing out or just to read the chalkboard for a sneak peak into the future. However, there is ALWAYS one photo opportunity I can never pass up - WOMEN WHO BRUNCH.

The vibes at NEST on a Sunday or even a Tuesday for that matter, are all the same. People enjoying their moment in time with each other - loving the pause in time. I have seen reunions, weekly socials, and celebrations from bridal brunches to baby blessings. It's the laughter that is so infectious and it makes the meaning of NEST come full circle. This Galentine's day, I look forward to seeing the many smiling faces enjoying what our culinary artists have crafted JUST for them.

Starting this weekend, I am going to take time and see my girls whenever I can.


I can't wait to be on the other side of the table and finally enjoy my girls' company & NEST with the best!

- Ivey Hawkins-Harris

NEST Kitchen & Taphouse is open DAILY from 8AM - 9PM.

We BRUNCH daily until 3pm - #NESTbrunch #nestkitchenandtaphouse

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