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Increase your workflow efficiency with Markup Assist, which lets you see a preview of the markup you’re creating before you save it.Markup Size:Use size controls and the AutoLayout button to manage your drawing objects with increasing sizes and shapes, from simple boxes to complex engineering objects and everything in between.AutoCAD® 2023 has been released to manufacturing partners for immediate download. You can request a prerelease version from Autodesk.AutoCAD® Video Playback:Live playback of videos in AutoCAD is now available for even easier evaluation of your drawings.AutoCAD® 2023 is a new release of AutoCAD, offering a wide array of new functionality, updates and bug fixes. This version also includes several usability enhancements, including the Ability to Add Fields to Datums on the Ribbon, Increased performance for the Drafting Service when using the Draw Tab and Overall performance improvements to the K-Lab. To learn more about AutoCAD 2023, watch the live webcast (video: 2:25 min.) on the Autodesk YouTube channel.Drafting ServicesUsers can now access the drawing services directly from the Quick Access Toolbar on the Home tab of the ribbon. This gives the user the same commands they would find on the Ribbon tab but eliminates the need to click the drawing services icon on the toolbar to access these commands. This feature improves the workflow for those who access the services through the services icon on the toolbar.The Drafting Service has been improved. When a drawing is sent to the Drafting Service, it now also includes a summary with the number of marks created, number of points generated, number of blocks generated, and the time it took to perform those tasks. The Drafting Service can now be used in the Home tab context menu.The Check Drafting Service now supports enhanced error reporting. The error messages that are displayed are based on what has been entered into the Drawing, not just a random portion of the Drawing. The Drafting Service is also faster to open than before.The Drafting Service now supports the creation of units for quantities in the Drafting Service. Draftings created without units are converted to units for reporting purposes.The K-Lab is now accessible through the Drafting Service. The user can browse K-Lab drawings and annotations from a drawing opened in the Drafting Service and can access K-Lab annotations 2be273e24d


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